Easy and healthy coconut curry recipe

Just wanted to share this recipe with you that I’ve found. It’s for a coconut curry recipe that’s very much like a thai curry. It’s absolutely delicious, healthy and vegan. It says use a can of coconut milk but if you want to make your own, all I did was to put some coconut meat out of a fresh coconut into my Vitamix, add some pure coconut water and blend it on high for a short while. It isn’t as smooth as the stuff out of a can because I didn’t strain it but boy did it make the curry nice! The curry powder I used was just the normal Schwartz curry powder but with the other ingredients it was amazing!

In the recipe it suggests using quinoa which is a fantastic food, I used brown rice but make sure you soak it first for 2-8 hours in cold water to help eliminate phytic acid whichΒ some people may want to do. Soaking first also helps digestion of the rice. If using rice I recommend using brown rice or whole grain rice if you want to get plenty of fibre into your diet.

Let me know in the comments if you tried it and if you enjoyed it.

Daz πŸ™‚

Here the link….

Delicious Easy Coconut Curry from Detoxinista.com

Delicious Easy Coconut Curry from Detoxinista.com

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Quick fix isn’t the best fix

Hi all
We have SO many quick-fix diets out there now, all promising to get you slim n sexy within 2 minutes. And yes, while it is indeed true that these plans will produce some amazing results, no doubt about that, they aren’t long lasting results. Can you stay on that plan for the rest of your life? The answer is usually no, so what happens when you come off the plan? Most people drop back into their old ways of eating and over time, the weight they lost goes right back on again and a lot of time, with a little extra too. So what’s the answer? This is a case where the hare and the tortoise story is so so apt. The hare, in this case, is the multitude of diets out there promising miracles, the tortoise though, is the slow and sure lifestyle changes which will not only get you to the same destination, but will keep you there. It has taken you along time to get to this place of being overweight and unhealthy, changing all that isn’t going to be an overnight thing, not to produce life-long results. It’s like these old cars that are restored, it took a long time and a lot of neglect to reach the point where they are found rusted and broken down, but with a lot of care, love and time, their full glory can once again be restored. This is exactly true for our bodies.

Photo: Apperson Chummy car restored by Louie Floyd Apperson

Our body is like an old car, with care, love and time, it CAN be restored

So what’s so bad about these amazing diet plans? A lot work on restriction, many are hard to follow, many are expensive and virtually all don’t address the reason you’re overweight in the first place. Many also, especially those kind of plans where you go to a meeting every week, are geared up not to educate you to make lifestyle changes so you can go out into the world with the tools to get healthy and slim (notice the order I listed them in) for the rest of your life, but to keep you coming back as a return customer, keep you buying their plans, their meals etc. When I begin health coaching later this year, in the nicest possible way, I hope not to see my clients again after they’ve finished my programs. I only want to see them to see how well they are doing and how happy they are, not because I’ve set something up to keep them coming back as a paying client.

Usually (there are always exceptions to the rule of course), when you become very healthy, your weight finds its own neutral balance, which is usually slim. But, if you lose weight and become slim, that doesn’t always mean you’re healthy. And when I say healthy, I don’t just mean that your body is clean and active, I also mean your mind and emotions are too. You can be eating the cleanest foods on the planet, but if you’re unhappy, mega stressed, in a career you truly hate or a abusive relationship, your health isn’t going to be great because all that upset, sadness, stress will manifest itself into dis-ease. When you want to get healthy and slim, you don’t just eat less calories for a length of time, you begin to look inside yourself ad figure out the triggers and the reasons you got to this place of being overweight and unhealthy in the first place. Once you can figure that out, the process of changing that around and staying happy, healthy and slim for the rest of your like becomes on hell of a lot easier.

This is why I’m studying to become a health coach, obviously I want a good career which pays well, who doesn’t, but I also want to help people change their lives, to find health, to find that slim, healthy person they once were, and to give them to tools to help them stay that way for life.

So forget about those quick-fix “diets”, make solid, sustainable lifestyle changes which will not only make you healthy, they will make you slim and happy. It’s true, Rome wasn’t built in a day, but look how great those building look and how long they’ve lasted πŸ˜‰

Daz πŸ™‚

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Why should become a health coach?

This is a good question. Why become a health coach?

So lets look at the obvious, health. We are fast becoming a very unhealthy world with rapid increases in obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer and other chronic diseases. Our waistlines are increasing while our life expectancy is decreasing. We are approaching the point where our children will no longer outlive us! These are sad and frightening facts! So when it comes to health, we as health coaches are definitely needed.

Career. I think the latest estimates say there is 1 health coach for every 175,000 people (approximately), so demand is high and there’s no worry about saturating the marketplace. As a health coach you can have location freedom, you can choose your own working hours, your own working location (an office, the coffee shop, your kitchen, your lounge etc) and your earning potential is very good indeed giving you a very comfortable living with multiple revenue-streams (your practice, e-books, programs).

I have chosen the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to study with. The program certainly isn’t the cheapest but I believe it’s the best. You’re taught not just to look at the usual things like food and exercise, you also cover what’s called Primary Foods which nourish your soul and your emotions. Primary Foods are things like career, relationships, spiritual practice and all those things that make us happy, fulfilled and stress-free. It’s a holistic way of looking at health and putting it simply, it works, it works very well!

The speakers who are part of the course material are a literal who’s-who is health and well-being. Deepak Chopra, David Wolfe, Joel Furhman, Mark Hyman, Gabrielle Bernstein, Danielle LaPorte to name just a few.

If you’re interested in the course, click below to have a look at their Spring Salads Recipe Guide and to find out more. If you wish to enrol please mention my name, Darren Danks, and you will receive a discount on your course fees, just for mentioning my name! Good eh πŸ™‚

IIN Spring Salads Recipe Guide thumb

Daz πŸ™‚

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Smile, it makes you healthy

What? Are you talking rubbish again Darren? Actually no, because our health isn’t just dictated by what we eat and how long we spend at the gym, it’s also about being happy, being relaxed and reducing the stress in our lives. Smiling at even the smallest thing, a pretty flower, a child dancing in the supermarket for no other reason than because they want to, a beautiful rainbow after the rain, even just smiling because it’s a new day. Smiling not only makes you feel better within yourself, but the happier you are in your daily life and the more you show it to others, the more you will begin to change other’s lives too. Many times I’ve been happy at work and I’ve had people almost tell me off for being so cheerful, but secretly you can see it puts a smile on those people’s faces and in turn, their extra bit of happiness will benefit someone else and so on….. and so on…. and so on. And the more we’re happy, the more happiness we attract into our lives, it’s all to do with the Law of Attraction. If we begin to grown the seeds of abundant happiness, those seeds will grow and flourish and bring more and more happiness to you.

Smiling and being happier also reduces stress levels which is obviously a wonderfully beneficial thing in this busy world we live in. It also reduces cortisol levels meaning our bodies won’t want to store as much fat around our middle.

So smile, feel happier, and pass that positivity on to others and let start making our days a brighter and more colourful place to be in….

Daz πŸ™‚

Smile.... it's healthy!

Smile…. it’s healthy!

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But it’s SOOO expensive to eat healthily…….. isn’t it?

This CAN be the case but if you look around there are plenty of bargains to be had with fresh produce. I went to a market just 10 minutes away from me today and grabbed a load of fresh blueberries and raspberries. Both of these are not only delicious, especially frozen in smoothies or as a topping for salads, healthy breakfasts etc, but they can help fight cancer, ageing to name just two.

Fruity bargains from my local market

Fruity bargains from my local market

If you look around the grocery stores, the large supermarkets, there will always be offers on with multiple fresh produce items, even, sometimes, the more pricey items such as the blueberries and raspberries I got today. Buying in-season will also keep the cost down because that item is more readily available so the price reduces.

Yes, organic will ALWAYS be best but, to have a healthy diet, it’s not as important when you’re trying to make your money stretch as far as possible. Just including fresh produce in as many meals as possible (instead of the packaged ready-meals) is going to make a huge difference to your body, your health, your immune system and your happiness.

For instance, today I purchased a big bag of kale from my local supermarket for Β£1 (around $1.70), sprayed it with olive oil, sprinkled some spices on (sea salt, paprika, onion powder and garlic powder), put them in the oven for 15 minutes and out came a very very healthy and cheap lunch of delicious kale chips.

Healthy and cheap home-made kale chips

Healthy and cheap home-made kale chips

It CAN be done, you CAN eat very healthily AND keep the cost down, it jut requires a little planning and a little extra time when shopping and your health can become so amazingly wonderful, you can reach the weight you’ve desired for years and you can become much more immune to colds, flu and any other nasties out there.

Daz πŸ™‚

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Meditation….. not just for some, for manly men too :-)

Meditation, isn’t it just for the spiritually enlightened people? Don’t you have to worship some deity? Don’t you have to wrap your legs round each other until you’re in an upright knot? Well, in a word…. NO!

Although meditation tends to be linked to spiritual practise, chanting “om” and balancing your chakras, none of that is required if that’s not your kind of thing. Meditative practise can be very beneficial to everyone from enlightened being to the burly welder down the road. In this world of needing everything in 2 seconds, excessive levels of stress and anger, meditation can calm our minds, get more oxygen into our bodies and so helping the body to cleanse and heal, and it can help us be remain calmer in all sorts of situations.

No need to be one with the universe to get great benefits from meditation

No need to be one with the universe to get great benefits from meditation

But isn’t it some kind of woo woo thing? No of course not, it’s a very good way of simply relaxing, and in its essence, that’s all meditation is, a way to calm down and relax deeply. Simply find somewhere quiet, sit in a comfortable position with your back upright (helps with the breathing), close your eyes, slow your breathing down (you will naturally breathe deeper when slowing it down) and let your body and mind relax. We all have that chatter happen in our heads and it’s perfectly natural, just allow it to come then gently let it drift away. You may only be like that for 5 minutes at first, but over time you’ll easily do 30 minutes without even realising how much time has past.

Meditation has SO many benefits from generally being more relaxed to reducing stress, reducing the amount of stress hormone, Cortisol, in your body, it can improve brain function by helping both sides of the brain to work in sync better and it can help you sleep better too. These are just some of the benefits you can get from regularly meditating. Our health doesn’t just come from eating the right things and getting some exercise, our optimal health also comes from being happier, more relaxed and less stressed.

So try and start with 5 minutes a day and slowly build it up to longer. There are plenty of good websites where you can find ways to meditate, there will definitely be at least one way which will suit your mind, body and belief structure. Try it, see what benefits you get and most of all…. enjoy it πŸ™‚


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Why green? Isn’t it just for rabbits?

Hi everyone
So why SHOULD we eat more green? Think of this equation –

In this age of microwave meals, highly processed food, fast food we want in seconds, we have lost most of the nutritional value of food. As Dr Alejandro Junger says, “We are not eating food anymore, we are eating food-like products”, and this is the problem. Less than a century ago our food was fresh, much of it locally grown, much of it actually grown ourselves, and it was filled with nutrients, our bodies loved it and our bodies thrived on it. Now though, our food tends to be calorie-dense but nutrient-sparse. Our foods tends to have excess salt, lots of sugar and chemicals which really ought only be found in a lab, not on our plates.

This is a global problem, a global worry and a global crisis. Our health costs are skyrocketing, we are getting sicker and we are addicted to the unhealthy foods. But that’s not our fault, these ‘foods’ have been designed to be addictive, designed to be beautiful and visually appealing. The advertising is designed to make these foods be sexy and desirable and is designed to hide the facts about how unhealthy these “foods” are. But once you start looking deeper into this, and it doesn’t even have to be very deep, you begin to realise how these foods are making us sicker, are requiring more of us to visit the doctor or worse, the hospital. I used to have the typical unhealthy diet, I was type 2 diabetic, had high blood pressure and high cholesterol, and that was even being on medication for all of those. Changing my diet, introducing the fresh foods, the greens, the beautiful and amazingly tasty fruits, and removing the processed “foods” reversed all of Β my problems, I’m now slim and I haven’t taken ANY medication for over a year, yet I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been. And this is all through the food I put inside me.

But please, don’t just take my word for it, look into it yourself, Google it, read up on other’s stories about how they have changed their lives through diet, make lifestyle changes that will literally change your life and the quality of your life well into old age.


This was my green smoothie today. It may look pondwater-like but it’s SO tasty and it nourishes your body’s cells SO quickly. Even if you only change one meal a day to a very healthy meal, that’s a 30% change to your diet and a huge leap towards your body’s health and longevity.

Here’s to a long and healthy life everyone!


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