What to do when you lose that gym motivation


I’m pretty sure that anyone who goes to the gym on a regular basis has lost that desire, that motivation to go there. It may be for a few days, a few weeks or even a month or two. So what can we do to get our gym mojo back? I’ve been there, got the t-shirt, taken the photos and come right back again. I think one of the main things to do is not to beat ourselves up over it, we can all be amazingly self-critical and that will only make us feel worse. Try to keep your thoughts positive, try to find a focus that will help your motivation to begin going again return. Look at what you’ve achieved while you’ve been going there regularly, remember how good you feel (besides the absolute tiredness lol) when you’ve done your workout, changed and you’re walking out of the gym feeling good about yourself. Think about how much good you’re doing your body, how much you’re building a healthy heart and lungs as well as pumping your lymphatic system to help rid your body of accumulated toxins.

Working out doesn’t just do your body good, it does your mind good too. When we exercise, we release endorphins which are the feel-good chemicals so not only are you creating a healthier body, you are helping to rid the mind of those negative feelings and emotions.

So get out there, get to the gym and feel great or even better, go do some exercise in the open air to feel even better! But please, don’t beat yourself up if you realise you haven’t been for a week or two, we all have those times when we may be mega busy at work or we simply can’t motivate ourselves to go and workout, I’m especially guilty of that at times, but learn from it, be kind to yourself and ease yourself back into a regular routine of going and moving your body, get those endorphins flowing, get the air into your lungs, get the body sweating and feel awesome! The health benefits of exercise are numerous, go get em!

Daz 🙂

Get your body moving and feel happy!

Get your body moving and feel happy!

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