How to survive Easter and stay healthy

Easter doesn't have to be about the chocolate

Easter doesn’t have to be about the chocolate

So Easter is upon us, the time of holidays, religion and of course, chocolate…… lots and lots of chocolate! But is it a time of being unhealthy? Do we HAVE to have that chocolate? No and of course, no. I think the biggest thing about Easter is the social expectations that chocolate eggs of all shapes and sizes will be consumed en-masse but this doesn’t have to be the case. How about substituting the chocolate for much more healthier options such as dates or ripe sweet fruit. How about de-stoning some medjool dates, putting them into a food processor together with some cacao (cocoa) powder then rolling the mixture into small balls and finishing off by rolling them in some oats, putting them in the fridge for a while and voila, you have a healthy, sweet snack you can replace the chocolate with. If you MUST have some chocolate though, why not make it dark chocolate which is purer and a little less fattening.

But really, why should we feel the need to consume the chocolate anyway? Social pressure? Childhood memories? Tradition? Why not break those traditions and rather than fitting in with people, fit out instead. Be unique, be your own person and break that social mould. How about getting out in the sun (if we have any) and just enjoying the day with friends, with family, with yourself and nature. Go for a jog, go to the gym, go out somewhere nice. It doesn’t always have to be about the chocolate. Nothing wrong with a bit of chocolate now and again but, and I’ve done this myself in the past, not going through a whole planet-sized chocolate egg in one sitting together with all the goodies that came with it.

Planet easter egg

Bottom line is, you don’t HAVE to adhere to the convention, stay healthy, be happy and step away from the chocolatey goodness and if you must, make it a small amount. We all need a treat now and again but it doesn’t have to be a treat bigger than our head.

Daz 🙂

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