Don’t delay….. start TODAY!

Don't put things off, start today!

Don’t put things off, start today!

I’m sure we’ve all done it. We’ve all decided to “go healthy” or “go on a diet” and most times we say to ourselves “I’ll start on Monday” then systematically devour pretty much everything in the house that’s bad for us, go get take-out, eat chocolate even if normally you’re not bothered about chocolate. I’ve been there many times, I’m not even that interested in chocolate but there I used to be on a weekend, buying tons of the stuff because going on a diet was to be such a restricting, horrible time and maybe the memory of that chocobinge may keep me going through the coming hell.

Yes we’ve all done it and yes we all know it’s complete BS. It’s like saying you’re going to start driving carefully, safely and perfectly on Monday but before then I’m going to be driving insanely fast and dangerously, endangering others, between now and the moment I wake on Monday morning. You just don’t do it do you, then why do we all do it to ourselves with diet? Why do we have to wait a few days and “start on Monday”? Surely if you’ve made the decision to become healthier, lose some weight and feel much better then we should want to do it right now because we’re excited about it. If you decide to go and buy a new tv, new car or anything sparkling and lovely, you get excited about it don’t you? You want it right now don’t you. So why delay your lifestyle change and even dread doing it? Changing lifestyle, becoming healthier and losing weight is something most of us would love to do, we would love to be happier, lighter, have more energy but the trouble is most of us don’t want to be in this for the long-haul, we, and I include myself in this, want it to happen pretty much overnight. We want to go to bed sluggish, overweight, bad health, and wake up the next day without any of that. This simply isn’t going to happen though but if you commit yourself to making those changes, get excited about how your body and mind is going to change and actually enjoy the new lifestyle, then it is not only going to make the process much much easier, but it’s also going to get you healthier because you’re looking forward to the process instead of dreading it.

Don’t focus on the “oh I’m not going to enjoy this”, focus on the reactions from others in a few weeks or a couple of months when you start getting the “oh wow you’ve lost weight” or “you look amazing, your skin is glowing” or “you look so much happier….. and slimmer!!!”. Keeping those moments, which will inevitably happen, in your mind will help to keep you going through the first 2-3 weeks of the lifestyle change as these are normally the hardest phase in the amazing change you’re embarking on.

Start off slow, begin adding the healthier foods into your diet and eat plenty of them, the fruits, the more veggies on your plate, the leafy greens such as spinach. Over time these will begin to crowd-out the less healthy foods and you’ll start to feel and see the difference. Within 2-3 weeks you’ll look at what you’re eating in a day and realise how different it is to when you began this journey, how much colour there is on the plate from the greens, the reds and everything in between. And also how you’re beginning to snack on fruit rather than popping to the vending machine mid-morning. And one of the most important things is water! Water helps flush out the toxins as they are released from your body’s processes, it helps lubricate our joints, helps you think clearly and it also helps take those dreaded hunger pangs away. There are guidelines about how much water you should be drinking according to your weight etc etc but a good rule of thumb is to be drinking at least 2 litres (4 pints) a day. This is probably much more than most are drinking right now so even getting to 2 litres is going to be such a massive change and your body will thank you for it SO very much 🙂

So don’t put things off, don’t delay, START TODAY!

Daz 🙂

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2 Responses to Don’t delay….. start TODAY!

  1. great post! As a chronic dieter I can tell you’ve had that monday feeling plenty of times!!

  2. Love What You See in the Mirror says:

    I can relate to your post as I use to often wait until Monday so I could have a last blow out over the weekend. By crowding out the unhealthy food it really does help to get rid of the fear of a diet.

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