Quick fix isn’t the best fix

Hi all
We have SO many quick-fix diets out there now, all promising to get you slim n sexy within 2 minutes. And yes, while it is indeed true that these plans will produce some amazing results, no doubt about that, they aren’t long lasting results. Can you stay on that plan for the rest of your life? The answer is usually no, so what happens when you come off the plan? Most people drop back into their old ways of eating and over time, the weight they lost goes right back on again and a lot of time, with a little extra too. So what’s the answer? This is a case where the hare and the tortoise story is so so apt. The hare, in this case, is the multitude of diets out there promising miracles, the tortoise though, is the slow and sure lifestyle changes which will not only get you to the same destination, but will keep you there. It has taken you along time to get to this place of being overweight and unhealthy, changing all that isn’t going to be an overnight thing, not to produce life-long results. It’s like these old cars that are restored, it took a long time and a lot of neglect to reach the point where they are found rusted and broken down, but with a lot of care, love and time, their full glory can once again be restored. This is exactly true for our bodies.

Photo: Apperson Chummy car restored by Louie Floyd Apperson

Our body is like an old car, with care, love and time, it CAN be restored

So what’s so bad about these amazing diet plans? A lot work on restriction, many are hard to follow, many are expensive and virtually all don’t address the reason you’re overweight in the first place. Many also, especially those kind of plans where you go to a meeting every week, are geared up not to educate you to make lifestyle changes so you can go out into the world with the tools to get healthy and slim (notice the order I listed them in) for the rest of your life, but to keep you coming back as a return customer, keep you buying their plans, their meals etc. When I begin health coaching later this year, in the nicest possible way, I hope not to see my clients again after they’ve finished my programs. I only want to see them to see how well they are doing and how happy they are, not because I’ve set something up to keep them coming back as a paying client.

Usually (there are always exceptions to the rule of course), when you become very healthy, your weight finds its own neutral balance, which is usually slim. But, if you lose weight and become slim, that doesn’t always mean you’re healthy. And when I say healthy, I don’t just mean that your body is clean and active, I also mean your mind and emotions are too. You can be eating the cleanest foods on the planet, but if you’re unhappy, mega stressed, in a career you truly hate or a abusive relationship, your health isn’t going to be great because all that upset, sadness, stress will manifest itself into dis-ease. When you want to get healthy and slim, you don’t just eat less calories for a length of time, you begin to look inside yourself ad figure out the triggers and the reasons you got to this place of being overweight and unhealthy in the first place. Once you can figure that out, the process of changing that around and staying happy, healthy and slim for the rest of your like becomes on hell of a lot easier.

This is why I’m studying to become a health coach, obviously I want a good career which pays well, who doesn’t, but I also want to help people change their lives, to find health, to find that slim, healthy person they once were, and to give them to tools to help them stay that way for life.

So forget about those quick-fix “diets”, make solid, sustainable lifestyle changes which will not only make you healthy, they will make you slim and happy. It’s true, Rome wasn’t built in a day, but look how great those building look and how long they’ve lasted 😉

Daz 🙂

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