Easy and healthy coconut curry recipe

Just wanted to share this recipe with you that I’ve found. It’s for a coconut curry recipe that’s very much like a thai curry. It’s absolutely delicious, healthy and vegan. It says use a can of coconut milk but if you want to make your own, all I did was to put some coconut meat out of a fresh coconut into my Vitamix, add some pure coconut water and blend it on high for a short while. It isn’t as smooth as the stuff out of a can because I didn’t strain it but boy did it make the curry nice! The curry powder I used was just the normal Schwartz curry powder but with the other ingredients it was amazing!

In the recipe it suggests using quinoa which is a fantastic food, I used brown rice but make sure you soak it first for 2-8 hours in cold water to help eliminate phytic acid which some people may want to do. Soaking first also helps digestion of the rice. If using rice I recommend using brown rice or whole grain rice if you want to get plenty of fibre into your diet.

Let me know in the comments if you tried it and if you enjoyed it.

Daz 🙂

Here the link….

Delicious Easy Coconut Curry from Detoxinista.com

Delicious Easy Coconut Curry from Detoxinista.com

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