Smile, it makes you healthy

What? Are you talking rubbish again Darren? Actually no, because our health isn’t just dictated by what we eat and how long we spend at the gym, it’s also about being happy, being relaxed and reducing the stress in our lives. Smiling at even the smallest thing, a pretty flower, a child dancing in the supermarket for no other reason than because they want to, a beautiful rainbow after the rain, even just smiling because it’s a new day. Smiling not only makes you feel better within yourself, but the happier you are in your daily life and the more you show it to others, the more you will begin to change other’s lives too. Many times I’ve been happy at work and I’ve had people almost tell me off for being so cheerful, but secretly you can see it puts a smile on those people’s faces and in turn, their extra bit of happiness will benefit someone else and so on….. and so on…. and so on. And the more we’re happy, the more happiness we attract into our lives, it’s all to do with the Law of Attraction. If we begin to grown the seeds of abundant happiness, those seeds will grow and flourish and bring more and more happiness to you.

Smiling and being happier also reduces stress levels which is obviously a wonderfully beneficial thing in this busy world we live in. It also reduces cortisol levels meaning our bodies won’t want to store as much fat around our middle.

So smile, feel happier, and pass that positivity on to others and let start making our days a brighter and more colourful place to be in….

Daz 🙂

Smile.... it's healthy!

Smile…. it’s healthy!

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