Obese children – the future of our health

New article about a 20 stone, 10 year old child

New article about a 20 stone, 10 year old child

So, just read an article on the Daily Mail website about a 10 year old child who weighs just under 20 stone (273lbs / 124kg). Although this obviously an extreme case, the trend does seem to be for more children becoming overweight. Having being an overweight child I can tell you it isn’t fun, you get picked for sports teams last, you can, in some cases, become isolated at school and your self confidence can be quite low. While a lot of children will lose their “puppy fat” later in life, the younger generation are growing up with fast food, convenience food, highly processed foods and these are firmly cemented into the young mind as being the norm. Not only are we creating a generation of overweight kids, we are seeing a future potential problem to our health services around the world. They are already struggling to cope with lifestyle connected diseases such as type 2 diabetes and the medical and financial burden that is causing, adding to that load with each new generation is eventually going to cause the health services to fall over with the load put on them.

So what can we do? Education! I firmly believe that our young generations (as well s our adults too) need to be educated not only about what their diets are actually doing to them, but HOW to eat healthily and eat well. We need long term plans to ensure our children take that education and not only live healthy, long and happy lives, but will take that education and pass it on to their own kids.

We are entering an era where we may be outliving our own children but we CAN do something about this. Educate about healthy eating, educate about how to prepare meals from scratch and how to cook healthy, nutritious and tasty meals, lead by example and don’t create an environment where the child is scared to discuss their weight or what they’re eating, it’s SO easy to become secretive about eating, I know, I’ve been there.

Daz 🙂

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One Response to Obese children – the future of our health

  1. BJ says:

    Having a child myself, I know how difficult it can be, but this is something we absolutely have to get on top of. Well done for highlighting this.

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