During my studies to become a Health Coach, you’re encouraged to look at yourself and how you are taking care of YOU. This is such an important thing to do because if you don’t look after yourself, how can you be expected to help others. One of the things you can do in your daily life is to show gratitude, gratitude for your health, the sun that day, seeing a rainbow just after rain. ANYTHING that lifts your emotions, your spirit, even just a tiny amount, deserves your gratitude. You may want to express it on social media or it may just be a few words in your own mind. It doesn’t matter HOW you show that gratitude, what matters is that you HAVE that gratitude and you FEEL it too, right in your heart.

But Darren, I don’t feel I have anything to be grateful for! This may be a common reply to this blog, but look deeply into your heart and what has happened during your day. Did someone go out of their way to help you in a shop? Did someone hold the door open for you? Did you particularly enjoy dinner tonight? There is SOMETHING in our daily lives that we can find gratitude for and the more we do, the more we will find. Each new thing you find gratitude for will not only lift your heart and your spirit, but it will help attract more things into your life to be grateful for.

As a health coach, we call this Primary Food. It’s not the physical food we eat but the spiritual food we absorb each and every day. That nourishment that lifts us, makes us happier, makes us HEALTHIER.

So the next time you can, look into your life and begin to find positive things you can be grateful for, and watch that ripple begin to happen through your life.

Daz 🙂


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