Why be a health coach

This is a good question. Why be a health coach? Do we really need a health coach anyway? What the hell IS a health coach?

Well the quick answer is because it helps make a difference. Lets explore that further shall we. Unless you’re living in a bubble completely isolated from the outside world, you can’t help but notice that people are getting fatter, people are getting more unhealthy, health systems are creaking both financially and physically under the pressure and weight of the sheer numbers of people who are having to use them each and every day. We have some truly remarkable breakthroughs in medicine yet people are getting sicker and sicker. This is where the health coaches can help. Not only do we look at the traditional things such as what people are eating and what, if any, exercise they are doing, we also look at what’s called Primary Foods. Primary Foods? Isn’t that what we eat? No, the Primary Foods are things such as your career, your relationships, your spiritual practise. You could eat the cleanest foods on the planet in the optimal combinations and amounts yet still not be the healthiest you could be. Why is this? It’s because if you are sad, depressed, stressed and one or more of the miriad of modern day problems we have now, that can manifest itself Β into sickness or disease (dis-ease). It’s widely accepted now that stress can actually kill, so why can’t being in a job you hate or being in an unhappy relationship manifest itself into sickness.

Studying with the Insitute of Integrative Nutrition we learn about these Primary Foods as well as nutrition. We learn how to coach people to be the healthiest they can be and hopefully change lives in the process.

So over the coming months you’ll see me, through this blog, progress through the Health Coach course and, later in 2014, begin providing my health coaching service and maybe help you to become healthier and happier in your life.

Interested in becoming a health coach? Have a look at the following link….

Darren πŸ™‚

Health new currency

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8 Responses to Why be a health coach

  1. BJ says:

    Here’s to an amazing year πŸ™‚

  2. Joan says:

    Looking forward to your next post!

  3. Sheena says:

    What a great start to a great year… Looking forward to seeing where this journey takes you… πŸ™‚

  4. Nicola says:

    Great going, Darren! I liked that you de-constructed the word to show its true meaning (dis-ease) πŸ™‚

  5. Anke says:

    I love your first blog. Keep it coming!

  6. thewellnesscoach365@gmail.com says:

    Whoohoo! Great first, Darren! Looking forward to many, many more!

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